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Lydia Jazmine Presumably Three Months Pregnant For Fik Fameika

Latest reports have it that Musicians Lydia jasmine and Fik Fameica have been sleeping together for months now and that Lydia Jazmine is three months pregnant.

The singers, it has been confirmed are currently fating and have decided to take things to another level. It has also been ascertained that the ‘Muko’ hit maker is a house hold name in Jazmine’s home.

Sources reveal that the duo began meeting at Papa’s Spot in Makindye, a hangout owned by musician Mesach Ssemakula as buddies before seeing the wisdom in changing the meeting point to Artin’s Studio in Makindye Kijungu. Artin is a music producer.

Lydia and Fik spent Eid together

The continued meeting at Artin’s Studio, it is suspected is where the two developed butterflies in their stomachs for each other. This induced them to give their chemistry a shot. It is for this reason that the two are quiet inseparable.

It is for this reason that Lydia agreed to be a vixen in Fik’s Muko video. It has also been established that the ‘Masuuka’ hit maker hosts Fik at her home, where he is a house hold name. This sparked off reports that Lydia is pregnant for the ‘Omu Bwati’ hit maker.

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