• Khinamura

"Marry Me",  Desperate Alicia Bosschic Begs First Son, Gen. Muhoozi. 

Re known digital influencer, Alicia Kembabazi alias Alicia Bosschic has expressed her feelings for the first son, Lt.General Muhoozi Kainerugaba saying that she is even ready to marry him.

Alicia Bosschic

Taking to social media, Alicia revealed how the first son is her crush and enquired of her fans whether he is married or seeing some one else.

"Gen. Muhoozi is my crush. Is he married yet?" she queried.

Lt.General Muhoozi Kainerugaba

She was however bashed by fans in the comment section where she however revealed that she also wants to taste the money from the first family.

"Wama we need to eat ko that money. You guys recommend me there. Naffe tulye ko ku sente za first family." she said.

Alicia, it should be noted once pissed off her suitors when she revealed how only men in the ranks of big celebrities like US President, Donald J Trump and Kanye West stand a chance to win her heart.

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