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MC Kats Responds To Fille's Accusations. 

Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has fired back at Musician Fille Mutoni with whom he has been in a relationship.

Speaking during NBS TV's The Chatroom a fee days ago, Fille accused MC Kats of domestic violence, selfishness, disrespect and infidelity.

The songbird further opened up on MC Kats' HIV positive revelation.

"He didn't let me know. It hit me just like everybody else..." Fille said.

"Even after all these years of being selfish, you are still selfish, " Fille further hurled accusations at the MC.

However, MC Kats, contrary to expectation has fired back at the singer claiming that he has been through real hell.

"Before you judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I am living and if you get as far as I am, just may he you'll see how strong I really am, " the seasoned MC shot back.

It should be noted that ever since Fille revealed that she has been the 'ghost in MC Kats' life', fans have been on his neck imploring him to be considerate, empathetic and understanding on Fille's matters.

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