Me And Geosteady Now Connect As Friends, Prima Kardashi. 

Two weeks ago, Musician Geosteady violently broke into his baby Mama's house and vandalized her property.

Now ex-wife 'Prima Kardashi' posted a video on her Facebook page showing how the singer broke into the house and spoilt her property as she revealed her goodness, care and focus towards her family. However, a section of Ugandans on different platforms have suggested that all this is a stunt to promote Geosteady's upcoming music and probably her wife's businesses. Recently while appearing on Uncut show airing on NBS TV, Prima revealed that her relationship with the singer is now based on friendship and upbringing of their two children. "Me and Geosteady are back together as friends, yeah we talk." When questioned about a possibility of working and getting back together under one roof with the singer, Prima was quick to express her unwillingness towards that unless as business partners and raising of their children

"We can be good partners as we raise our children ofcourse and friends.The worst thing of all Geosteady has never apologized for all that he did to me however if he apologizes I can forgive him but I can't move in for now, I just want space to be me and focus on what am supposed to do" It should be remembered that, this is not the first time Geosteady has been in such scandals. Last year he was accused of child neglect by a lady identified as Nabweteme however the DNA results turned out to be negative

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