Meet Davide UG, The Fast Rising Star Who Sings In French.

At the beginning of last year, the music industry was invaded by a one rare singer named Davide UG. He sings in French and his music is slowly moving fast in the industry. He brags about being the only Ugandan singer that sings in French

Twendii caught up with him during this covid 91 lock down. Here is what he has to say;

First things first, tell us about yourself and family back ground?

About my family background, I was born in Bushenyi district in a village called Rwakizibwa/ Kareera which is currently in Sheema south. I was brought up in a strong Christian family. My father was a clergy and a school teacher just like my mother. We are a family of 7 and I am the 4th born.

 What is your stage name?

My stage name is DAVIDE UG which changed from Devi Tex.

Among all languages, why chose singing in French?

Right from my childhood, I loved singing just like my father. I used to admire church choir singers and when I grew up; I decided to take part in most of their activities whenever it was possible to do so. I chose to sing in French because I fell in love with this romantic language when I started learning it at Nganwa High school, Kabwohe and excelled at it. Later on, I also realized that our music industry needs some sort of diversity. If you may agree with me, some artists just sound alike and have nothing to distinguish them and their art. I always want to make a difference and add more value. Maybe, I should also add that I wanted more people to discover the beauty of this language just as I did given its relevance in world affairs and its influence in the East African region in particular.

Do you have any French genes in your family background?

French genes? Hahaah I don’t have these genes but I’m just passionate about it.

What really inspires you to do this kind of music?

 I love to be too serious about everything I choose to do. My mum knows how passionate I am about music since I was a kid. She takes me for who I am.

So far, what is your break through song?

I would say my first hit was this year. A song titled OU EST WALALOU, so hilarious and great. My fans loved it even before I made a lyrics video to explain it to them. It also received five-star ratings from most of my friends in France and other francophone countries.

 How did it feel the first time in studio recording a song?

My first time in studio? Oh my! I felt like walking straight into my dream. It felt like the writing of my true musical history had begun!

So far, what are your challenges?

Challenges? Yes, definitely…some Ugandans still need to embrace musical revolution and believe in fresh talent. You also know how costly it is to create musical projects. However, what matters is believing in yourself and loving what God put in you. It has a purpose.

By the way who writes your music?

I write all my music myself

So, do you have any song that is not in French?

Yes, I also sing in Luganda and runyankore. My current Luganda song is called “PERFECT MATCH”, available on YouTube and Howwebiz music. I also have a song in runyankore titled “OMWAKA 99” whose video will be out soon. More songs coming soon, just watch the space!

What is the best recorded song now?

My best recorded song is ouestwalalou, my very first French-luganda song. By the way, its video will be released after this Covid19 lockdown. You will love it!

Well, what should Ugandans know you for?

Ugandans should know me for being the first, if not the 2nd Ugandan to record songs in French as well as advocating for musical diversity and Edutainment. I want the society to learn practical skills from my music.

How do you find  the Industry?

The industry is full of challenges and so is life in general. However, what is important is that  we love each other, love our country, promote talent and give up on selfishness. For example if I’m successful in music, I should help other young artistes to showcase their talent without discrimination. Secondly, the media should not only focus on the big names all the time. There is always something new that could change things around for our good. That’s all we need to move our country forward.

Who inspires you in the music industry?

In Uganda, I’m highly inspired by Eddy Kenzo because of his creativity and Dr. Jose Chamelon, my “artiste of all seasons”. I’m also a fan of Apas and Ykeebenda. Honestly, there are many artistes whose work motivates me in one way or the other.

In Uganda now, Musicians are mixing music and politics, what is your say?

Those who mix politics and music are simply not passionate about music. Those are 2 different worlds! Art is more about expression of beauty and emotions but politics is simply about cosmetically damaging your opponent in order to win.

Which artist would love to work with?

I would really love to work with Naava Grey, Azawi or Winnie Nwagi.

You’re last remarks

To my fellow countrymen, let’s love and support our own industry and widen it to improve its competitiveness for future generations. It’s shameful for artistes to beef fellow artistes. Let’s all support each other because we never know what tomorrow holds for our dear country in the future. Selfishness is a way of blocking our own unseen opportunities. The best is yet to come! God bless Uganda! 

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