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Meet Melards, A Passionate Youth Aspiring To Be One Of Uganda's Top Media Personalities.

Born and bred in Kasese, Melards Millo Fulla is a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate with a high libido for Journalism and the whole media industry as a whole.

Inspired by Mella McKenzie and Deedon, Melards currently trades his Journalism talent on a show dubbed KBS (Kampala Breakfast Swoop) on Afkloud.com, a popular podcast station.

KBS, which airs fresh and interesting episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mainly tackles the latest celebrity gossip celebrity interviews alongside adventurous topics happening on Kampala streets.(KBS on the street).

Melards, whose dream is to become among the top radio and television presenters in Uganda enjoys reading as much as he loves journalism.

Listen to his podcast every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on Afkloud.com which is highly comical and would kill your boredom.

To know more about him, read below;

-Hobbies; Reading, watching, singing, playing

Inspired by: Kella McKenzie and Deedan

My Day: wake up thank God, workout, shower, Research, watch TV, listen to radio, hangout with friends

-Favourite meal: love local food, Matooke, Rice, Fish

-Studied Journalism and Mass communication

-Dream: To be among the most Celebrated Radio and TV presenters in Uganda

-Work station: 'Afkloud.com' ts a podcast station

-Show name: KBS(Kampala Breakfast Sqoop)


1- KBS on the street

-Topic happening on the streets of Kampala

2- Celebrity Vibe


-Celebrity Interviews

Days of work:

New episodes; Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Advice to Fellow youth; Work hard, believe in yourself and learn something new everyday.

Appeal: Kindly listen to my podcast every Monday Wednesday and Friday on Afkloud.com and be part of my career.

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