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Mesach Ssemakula Praises Diana Nabatanzi’s Beauty.

Famed musician, Mesach Ssemakula has praised BBS Terefayina Television presenter and actress, Diana Nabatanzi calling her the most beautiful media personality.

Mesach criticized those that pour out negative responses on celebrities. He emphasized that one should look at the beautiful things on a person rather than heaping negativity.

While discussing the issue of trolling celebrities, the ‘Baana Bange’ singer praised Nabatanzi saying that her beauty is natural unlike many girls who bleach.

This event was sparked off by a viral photo of Diana Nabatanzi prior to her fame. The photo showed her as completely black and broke, a huge contrast to her now brown complexion.

Nabatanzi's before and after

The photo made her fans point fingers at her accusing her of having bleached.

"I pity people who criticize Diana Nabatanzi because of her past look. She is actually the most beautiful woman on TV. She is hardworking and most ladies lack that,"  Ssemakula said in an interview with a local Radio station.

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