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Mike Mukula Ships In Brand New Range Rover Amidst Corona Virus.

Veteran politician and pilot Mike Mukula keeps on proving to the world that where as people worry about fine things in life, he is really different and not equal to the rest.

Capt Mike Mukula

On Saturday evening, Mukulu sneaked a monster brand new Range Rover in to the country.

It is a state of art car with rare luxurious accessories. People close to him told us that the car is rare on Ugandan roads and he fully paid for it.

The flamboyant businessman and politician is excited to have a brand new Range Rover Vogue.

He didn’t hesitate to reveal it on his social media platforms with words, “Range Rover Vogue is home”.

Mukula's Range Rover

It should be recalled that Mike Mukula earlier this year handed over a repaired double cabin ambulance for Princess Diana Health Center. He facilitated the repairing.

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