Minister Evelyn Anite Reportedly Ballooned In Covid-19 Lock Down.

It is believed that in every bad situation, someone out there will try to get the best out of it all. We have landed on a rumor that youthful and gorgeous minister Evelyn Anite has been ballooned by her lover.

Word on the street reveals that Anite has been craving for rare foods especially small raw mangoes and pineapples.

One of her trusted very close friend tipped us that the sexy minister has been behaving in an abnormal way and very quarrelsome like never before.

When she started spitting all the time, her friends justified her un usual behavior with rumors of pregnancy.

Lately, she has been involved in rare PDA with her husband as the nation was locked down. She lives a quiet and humble life today.

If all turns out true, we congratulate you Eva!

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