Miss Uganda Rescues School Teenage Girls With Free AfriPads

AFRIpads has released a brand new reusable menstrual product: the schoolgirl kit. The kit has been developed through user centered design in collaboration with school aged girls, with the aim of creating a set of reusable pads that best meet the needs and preferences of this age group.

The AFRIpads school girl kit contains five reusable pads of different absorbances and two carry pouches. Quin Abenakyo (Miss World Africa) and the Miss Uganda Foundation officiated the launch at Namugoona high school, Kasubi, Kampala.

Gertrude Adeker Emojong, national marketing and communications lead, AFRIpads, said;

"Our decade of experience tells us that when girls are suitably protected and educated during menstruation, it can have a transformational impact. Our research and design team curated this kit in collaboration with school aged girls to ensure that we can meet their needs and preferences. Everyone  deserves a happy and healthy period  and after receiving such positive feed back on the school girl kit thus far, we are so excited to empower more school aged girls through the distribution of this products."

The launch took place today and saw 100 pupils at Namugoona Secondary school receive a schoolgirl kit alongside an AFRIpads menstrual health and hygiene education session.

Miss Uganda foundation partnered with AFRIpads on the launch as part of their school out reach programme, keep a Girl in school.

Brenda Nanyonjo, Miss Uganda foundation director, said;

" The Miss Uganda foundation out reach program encourages girls to stay in school through interaction with the girls to empower them. We were very pleased that the AFRIpads school girl kit was developed through collaborative process with school aged girls therefore ensuring that the girls will not only accept the product but like it too. This is one step in over coming menstrual barriers, which is a key feature to this program so this partnership with , AFRIpads is very meaningful.

Most of us used to use rags during our period and they would drip. And when it drips we are always forced to leave school and go back home and change into another rag. Yet  when you have this AFRIpads you know  you are so sure that it won’t drip, student {16years} from Kassanda primary said.

AFRIpads has been a pioneer of menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) in Uganda since the organization’s inception in 2010. It has grown beyond locally manufacturing reusable sanitary pads to providing a complete MHH solution that includes pads MHH education tool kit, and monitoring and evaluation frame work. To date, AFRIpads has reached over 3.5 million women and girls and employs over 150 women in its factory in Masaka.

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