Mogas Nalya Gets Sekyanzi Jinx.

Looks like the financial credit crunch following tycoon Gordon Wavamuno’s son – Elvis Sekyanzi contracts similar to Corona Virus. Last year Sekyanzi closed his Silk Liquid branch that was located at Mogas fuel station in Nalya, where he was also running a restaurant and a nightspot.

The latest info reaching us indicates that the management of Nalya Mogas fuel station is now in the same situation they were giving Sekyanzi. We have learnt that the management has been issued with a warrant of attachment and sale of the property.

Mogas Nalya is set to be sold by public auction or private treaty unless they pay a huge loan within 30days which they owe to Hexagon Agencies. So far Watts Business Associates, government auctioneers, and court bailiffs have already been instructed by the deputy registrar high court execution and bailiff division to start preparations to recover the money Mogas owes Hexagon Agencies Limited.

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