• Khinamura

Mother Exposes Leticia, Another Bryan White Rape Victim As A Liar.

As Bryan White continues to battle allegations of sexual abuse and torture, as a mother of one of his accusers identified as Leticia Nabulime trashes her daughter’s claims claiming they are absolute lies.

Leticia Nabulime had earlier claimed that Bryan White drugged her and other girls while at the foundation which made her lose her wits. She woke up the following morning half unconscious and discovered that she had been raped by the faded socialite. She alleged that she quit the foundation to raise the child without any assistance from Bryan, the alleged father.

However, Leticia’s claims have been rubbished by her mother, a one, Namirembe Joyce who claims that her daughter was pregnant already at the time of her joining the Bryan White Foundation.

In a video clip, Joyce revealed, ‘Leticia joined the foundation while pregnant.’ She further revealed that her German based daughter, besides being unruly, had dropped out from school wanting to get quick money.

Joyce further revealed that her daughter must have joined the foundation whilst heavily pregnant. She apologized to the pencil sized faded socialite, Bryan White for any harm Leticia’s claims have landed him into.

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