"Mowzey Radio Did Not Die With Goodlyf As A Company, Weasle Is Still Alive", Chagga.

Former Good life manager Chagga has demanded for public's respect for singer Weasle Manizo.

Speaking in an interview with NBS tv, Chagga stressed that people should learn to respect Weasel the fact that he is a Director of Goodlyf, just like Mowzey Radio was.

He added that there are agreements, both written and verbal made with in the presence of witnesses that prove so for example manager Bushington, Jeff Kiwa, Washington and Chagga himself.

"Mowzey Radio always opened up to us that Weasel shares equal rights in the Goodlyf, therefore the fact that Moses died does not mean that Good life and its sister company 'Angel music' died too, the two companies are still running and there is still a director that is alive and thats Weasle, " he said.

He further advised the late Mowzey Radio's family to seek help from Weasle if they want to benefit from the works of their lost family member the fact that he is the director.

"When one of the directors of a company that involves other directors dies, the family of the deceased have no rights to seize everything, rather they seek for help from the remaining directors of how they can benefit from the work of their lost family member. "

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