Mowzey Radio's Family Is Not Appreciative, Bryan White Laments.

Faded Kampala socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White is complaining about Mowzey Radio's family not having extended their gratitude to him after all he did for them.

Speaking on a phone call with Miles Rwamiti on Spark television, the socialite said that he spent 200 million Ugandan shillings building a house for the late Radio's family.

"I am so disappointed in all those people, Radio's mother told me that a night dancer was always at her house inconveniencing her, and I built her the house immediately, I spent 200 million on that project but to my surprise, they didn't say anything about this, he said.

Bryan White Completed The House Mowzey Radio Was Building F or His Mother In Kagga Nakawuka.

He added that he is the one who brought the idea of Mowzey Radio's grave to be a measuem but to his surprise, Frank Sekibogo ( Radio's brother) and the rest approached Minister Kiwanda and not him. He said that they would have approached him instead of the minister because he is the founder.

"I am the founder of that project, be transparent because you still need help, its not over yet, they approached minister Kiwanda, and he told them to go back to the founder and later came to me, its not reasonable because they didn't approach me first about the matter," he bitterly said.

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