Mowzey Radio's Mausoleum Will Be Officially Open To The Public Today.

Legend Moses Sekibogo Nakitinje best known as Mowzey Radio's grave is going to be turned in to a Mausoleum today.

As today marks the second year ever since the legend passed on, Ugandans are celebrating and paying tribute to the late today at Kagga Nakawuka (Radio's home).

In this Mausoleum, the late's favorite belongings, accolades and photos have been put up for his fans to see. A screen will also be put up as Mowzey's music is playing back to back everyday.

It will be open to everyone to visit the late's grave with a fee to take care of this Mausoleum.

However, the Good life crew is to also hold a concert slated for 5th June 2020 at Serena Hotel and Freedom City to celebrate Mowzey Radio's life.

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