MP Zaake Arrested For Flouting Food Distribution Protocols.

The Police in Mityana on the 19.04.2020 arrested Hon. Francis Zaake, the MP, Mityana Municipality for Disobedience of lawful orders and Negligent acts likely to spread the infection of the corona virus.

According to Wamala Region Police Spokes person Ms Rachael Kawala, the MP was distributing at least 2kgs of rice, and sugar to selected households in Buswabulongo and Kiwawu villages in Mityana Municipality outside the guidelines and new protocols by the National Task Force, a national fundraising and food distribution task team, that is overseeing all forms of support to vulnerable families facing hunger or struggling to afford food within Uganda, during this period of the pandemic.

"Today evening at 6pm, we arrested the honourable Member of Parliament and he is kept in our custody at Mityana central police station for defying the president's directives," Ms Kawala said.

However, Ms Kawala said more details would be provided later by the police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga.

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