MP Babirye's Ex-Hubby Tired Of Starvation, Hunts For New Lover.

Paul Musoke, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Buikwe district and ex-husband of Buikwe Woman Member of Parliament Judith Babirye, is tired of daily starvation and as you read this, the legislator is hungrily hunting a fresh Sumbie.

Musoke revealed this during an interview with local radio station , when he stated thus;

"What happened between me and Babirye was there but it ended. Now it's time to move on with someone else.

Musoke and Babirye separated last year, after getting married in 2018 at a lavish wedding ceremony that was held in Kampala.

Their separation which came at a time when Babirye was said to be pregnant for Musoke, arose after she accused him of reportedly juggling her with his first wife Lukia Nantale, yet prior to their wedding he  had assured Babirye that they had separated.

So when they developed marital woes over his first wife, Babirye decided to flees to the United States of America, where she has since started a new life. However,

it should be noted that late last year court dissolved their marriage and the main reason Musoke wanted to divorce Babirye was because she had subjected him to severe sexual starvation.

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