Musician Vinka Blasts Critics For Calling Her A Man.

Singer Vinka has hit at critics who labeled her a man. She has asserted that whatever their agenda was, it backfired and instead helped her rather than made her career go downhill.

While speaking in a local interview, Vinka said that it pained her alot when she heard that some of her fans were calling her Ami g other names a man due to her deep voice.

She however noted that musicians are liable to criticism of all kinds although being called a man was way too much for her to handle and sometimes she cried.

"It was so heart-breaking. I know artistes get criticised but my situation was so bad. I used to cry all the time. Calling me a man because of my deep voice was unfair." she said.

She however revealed that the criticism, instead of letting her down made her even more successful as it relates a higher demand for her music which made her rise steadily to the top notch of the Ugandan music industry.

" somehow created demand  People wanted to listen to my music and some wanted to see me perform. I started enjoying it." said an optimistic Vinka.

She has went on to release several songs including Chips and Ketchup, Love panic, By the Way, Mapozi amongst others.

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