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"My EX Wife Told Men I Am Her Father, Lied To Me About Her Age And Children" - Omulangira Ndausi.

Almost 10 years back now after one of Kampala’s powerful couple of radio presenter Omulangira Ndausi and Farida collapsed.  By then, counter accusations of infidelity were the order of the day.

A few days back, Omulangira Ndausi came out to openly talk about his failed marriage.

In an interview with the press, Nduasi shocked many when he revealed that his EX wife fed him on lies and betrayal.

He says

My ex wife lied to me that she was only 17 years and never had a child.  When I took her to Nollywood, Nigeria, she hooked up with men and told them I am her father and thats the reason she was carrying my name” Ndausi told me the media.

He went on to reveal that 13 years back, he found out that Farida was 30 years and had two children who she denied all the time.

Before we wedded, Farida was 30 years and had children. I married her thinking she was only 17 years since she looked so young” Ndausi added.

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