My Husband Doesn’t Pay Rent, I am Going To Court- Kusasira Speaks Out

Recently news leaked to our local tabloids and social media pages that bummy Singer Catherine Kusasira had escaped from a house where she was manufacturing her beauty products from after defaulting rent for months.

The news went viral like wild fire. It was reported that Kusasira’s landlord was busy looking for her in all corners of Kampala to regain his money.

While speaking to the press last night, Kusasira revealed that she has never rented the house. Her husband is the one that was renting it.

So if he failed to pay, she is not responsible. She threatened to take the landlord Muhammad Mumpi to court  for tarnishing her name.

It is my husband who rented the house. I don’t know that man, and I am shocked that he mentions my name. I am going to court,” she vowed

According to the land lord, he alleged that Kusasira owes him over 5m. She had been paying 1.2m per month.

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