• Khinamura

"My Loyalty To NTV Cant Be Traded With Anything",  Faridah Nakazibwe Blasts NBS Tv CEO. 

Updated: May 4

Last night as NTV and NBS TVs took their fans into crazy moments with wild music, presenter Farida Nakazibwe was one person that was following as events folded.

She was on her twitter account so active as she kept posting how her station she works for is the best. Her tweets prompted the boss of NBS TV Kin Kaliisa. Using the same platform, he openly asked her how much is her price for him to ship her to NBS TV station. Faridah tweeted back and blasted the CEO and claimed she is priceless, she can’t trade her loyalty with NTV with any station and happy where she is. “I am priceless and my loyalty can’t be traded with anything” Faridah assured Kaliisa. It should be noted that the sexy luganda news reader has always been linked to NBS TV

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