NBS Front line Show Host Odongtho Throws In Towel Due To Unfair Working Conditions.

Only God knows the devil that is chasing away renowned journalists from businessman Kin Kariisa's NBS TV.

A few weeks after news reporter Raymond Mujuni quit, another scribe identified as Charles Odongtho, who was hosting the popular Frontline show, has also thrown in the towel.  

Our Snoops revealed that Odongtho handed in his resignation letter to Next Media Group boss Kin Kariisa on Monday, citing unfair working conditions. 

Odongtho and wife

The Frontline is a political debate show during which politicians from various parties exchange ideas about current affairs and government policies.

However, although it is not yet clear why Odongtho quit, insiders say that he failed to cope up with pressures from his boss, especially about whom to host on the show and who not to host.

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