• Khinamura

NBS TV's Canary Mugume's Pockets Run Dry.

With the current lock down, Ugandans have been assailed by financial degradation and this has not left out the seemingly broke immune Canary Mugume of NBSTV.

Canary Mubume

Exclusive information we have landed on has it that the hunky TV star is looking for another luxurious apartment in Naalya as he is set to leave Speke apartments on Wampewo Avenue.

Our snoops have it that Canary has been paying huge sums of cash in rent at Speke apartments but with the current economic hardships, he has accumulated arrears.

A source tells us that being calculative, Canary has decided to shift to a more affordable house in Naalya. He has lived at the Speke apartments for close to two years now.

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