Next Media Top Bosses To Meet, Define Zahara Totto's Fate.

Zahara Totto is currently topping social media charts after she took to social media and announced how she broke up with her lover, Don Solomon over cheating.

The two are currently still heated up exchanging verbal blows on social media.

However, all this could land Zahara Totto in hot water as insiders at Next Media have confided in this website how top bosses have convened to decide what to do with Totto whose conduct has been described as 'harmful to the company's brand"

Next Media, which houses both NBS TV and Sanyuka TV may end up axing the NBS Uncut show host as her recent attacks on Don Solo brought out the vicious dirty tongue she carries with her by calling him among other dirty things 'an anus"

She accused him of cheating with a twenty two year old slay queen she called '...a slut' identified as Queen Ann Luv.

We shall keep you updated on recent developments.

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