Nina Roz Clears Pregnancy Rumours. 

Rumour has it that Musician Nina Roz is pregnant. The singer had therefore coke out to clear the need insisting she is not pregnant.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on NBS Television's Uncut, the singer nullified the rumours that she's pregnant. She insisted that she had been eating a lot of food.

The 'Anayinama' hit maker sounded surprised over suspicions of her being pregnant.

'Banange, I am not pregnant as people have been stating.' she said.

'I am not and not yet ready to be though I am seeing someone and I have someone who always tells me how much he loves me.' the petite singer boasted.

Nina Roz has been rumoured to have dated a couple of musicians including Bernie Gunter.

She however declined to reveal the lucky man she is seeing.

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