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NTV Bosses Are Behind Sheila, Kisti Social Media War, Source Confirms.

Reliable information we have landed on has it that Serena based NTV’S production manager known as Jackie Senyondo and a one producer Anna Nakawobo are the ones fueling the ongoing social media war between socialite Sheila Gashumba and former presenter Robin Kisti.

A highly placed source at the station detailed us that Jackie through Anna has been secretly facilitating US based Kisti to attack Sheila Gashumba with different accusations and be paid heavily in return.

Producer Anna Nakawobo

A source added that Jackie was unhappy and mad after Sheila exposed NTV over poor pay. Source further revealed that before Sheila left the station, she had given Jackie headache over poor pay and bad treatment of presenters.

"Jackie was fed up of Sheilah always demanding for a raise yet she was not that much talented, she was very angry when Sheilah exposed the station over under payment of presenters. She had to pay Robin to expose Sheilal's dirty secrets of abortion and sleeping with a lot of men for money," Source said.

Apparently, social media is for Sheila Gashumba after Kisti has successfully traded accusations of drug abuse, attention seeker and desperation on Sheila side.

Yesterday, Kisti posted on snap chat and said she has acquired a gun and ready to shade blood if need be, she seems ready to fight Sheila until the end.

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