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NUP Original Founder Disowns Bobi Wine Over Debt.

Moses Nkonge Kibalama,the original founder of the National Unity Platform has vowed to take back his party, which Presidential hopeful, Bobi Wine is currently presiding over.

Kibalama and other friends of his funded the party in 2004 under the name, National Unity Reconciliation  and Development Party (NURP). He however sold the party to Bobi Wine who assumed it's leadership this year.

Kibalama claims that while handing over the party, he was promised a tune of $5 million (around 18 billion UGX) and other pleasantries.

However, after only a few months, Kibalama has vowed to take back his party as he has not yet got his money. All he is seeing is excitement.

"We were promised something like $5 million and other pleasantries but up to now, we have not seen anything. All we see is excitement. We have therefore decided to take back our party." said a disappointed Moses during an appearance on a television station.

It should however be noted that upon giving away the party, it had approximately 25,000 registered members and the numbers have grown in a space of less than two months.

In response, Bobi Wine however dismissed the claims as one of the regime's machinery to derange the struggle for freedom!

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