• Khinamura

Pallaso Returns Police Handcuffs, Freed On Bond.

Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso has finally realised that he can not out smart Police as latest news reaching our desk indicate that he has returned the police handcuffs.

Last week, the musician was reported to have escaped arrest for defying Government directives on curfew, social distancing and gatherings.

According to Police, he had, together with his over thirty friends gathered at his home where loud music and drinking was in progress in the middle of the night. When police raided the home, Pallaso was handcuffed but managed to flee, like a chicken thief.

He has however humbled himself and returned the handcuffs and freed on Bond after paying one million non cash Bond. This however was only possible with the intervention of his father, Mr. Gerald Mayanja.

Details of the whole saga however shall be furnished as we gather more details.

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