• Khinamura

Pallaso Wanted By Police Here Is Why.

All is not well with Musician Pallaso as Police has launched a search for him after he escaped arrest at his home.

Police reportedly recieved complaints from residents of Luwafu, Makindye that a gang of unruly people had gathered at the home of Pallaso with loud music at midnight.

There were over thirty people who had gathered according to Police and yet this is against the Ministry of health's directives on curfew and social gatherings.

The police however reprimanded him and begged him to reduce the volume. During the negotiation, the group became violent which forced police to arrest a one, Henry Kasozi but Pallaso escaped with Police handcuffs on him.

"While addressing them, the group became violent. Something that prompted police to arrest Pallaso and Henry Kasozi" reads the Police press release in part.

Although Henry Kasozi is detained at Later Police Station pending prosecution, Pallaso is being hunted down on accusations of evading lawful arrest and obstruction.

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