Parliament Hands Over 114M Cheque To Triplets Ghetto Kids To Settle Their House Debts.

Celebrated dance group 'Triplets Ghetto Kids' led by Dauda Kavuma have received Uganda shillings worth 114,250,000 to clear their house debts.

Today afternoon, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga handed over the cheque to the dance group. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga revealed that all members of Parliament contributed a share for this particular cause.

It should be remembered that MPs had promised to settle the date after the landlord, Mansur Sekatawa threatened to evict them from the house if they had failed to settle their date by December last year.

Fortunately, they have fulfilled their promise and the Ghetto Kids have now fully secured their own house.

They were so over the moon and thanked Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and also promised to take Uganda as far as they can with their dancing talent.

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