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Pastor Bugembe On His Knees To President Museveni Over Re Opening Of Churches. 

Celebrated gospel musician and Pastor, Wilson Bugembe has bended his knees to President Museveni, beseeching him to re open churches.

Speaking in a church service broadcasted on NBS on Sunday, the man of God said that himself and fellow preachers are ready to abide by the guidelines the government may impose on churches so as to check on the spread of The Corona Virus.

"“I am requesting President Museveni if you are watching me right now, please put churches into your consideration, we promise to abide by the rules. Please think about us, we are very disciplined. We shall buy the temperature guns among other things to protect our congregation, we shall be careful that I promise but please open churches too,” he begged.

This appeal was made as the President was expected to address the nation on Monday.

The President how ever in his speech maintained that opening churches, schools, lifting curfew, and allowing Boda Boda operations are suicidal ventures that could jeopardize the lives of Ugandans.

He however allowed cars to move in selected border districts.

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