Pastor Mondo Mugisha offers To Sort DNA Test Bills To End The Kemi Sera Saga.

Pastor Mondo Mugisha

Pastor Mondo Mugisha has offered to pay Kemi Sera’s child’s DNA test to end the ongoing rivalry and hatred that has induced some men to claim Kemi’s child.

Mondo spilled the revelations during a local  interview in which he condemned the whole episode as ‘barbaric’ and has offered to pay for the DNA Test that will ascertain the real father of Kemi Sera’s child.

Kemi Sera

Reports have it that Kemi Sera, who has been acting as a side dish to married Haruna Mubiru but split up after Haruna started doubting if he really is the father of Kemi’s child.

In the same vein, Kadongo Kamu singer has come out to claim the fatherhood of the child claiming that he had been sharing a bed with Kemi Sera. Pastor Mondo Mugisha has therefore offered to pay for the DNA test.

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