Pastor Wilson Bugembe Lashes out At Desire Luzinda.

Worship House church leader, Pastor Wilson Bugembe has come out to liberate secular musician turned gospel artiste, Desire Luzinda from the fangs of ignorance on the nature of the gospel music industry.

This was prompted by Luzinda questioning of the role of the church in supporting local gospel artistes at a time they need them the most. She observed that whereas beer companies sponsor local secular artistes with online concerts, the gospel artistes are left out since beer companies are contradictory to their faith.

''When it comes to concerts, while companies come out to sponsor secular artists you will never hear of churches support their own. When it comes to concerts, Invitations are free thank you for honoring the invitation pastors but what is your contribution to the artist?!'' queried the 'Lwakisa' songbird.

Pastor Bugembe responded by reminding Luzinda that she should not be mindful of money and material gains while in the gospel music industry. He pointed out that the secular is very antagonistic to the gospel. The two are different.

''Desire should not mind about the money. The world of gospel is very different from secular. If anyone wants money, it better to stay in secular world.'' the 'Nkusabira Nyo Nyo Nyooo' hit maker said.

It appears that Luzinda is battling feelings of envy toward the secular musicians.

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