Pastor Yiga Humbly Asks For Bail, Police Denies Giving It To Him.

Renown City Pastor of Revival Church Kawaala, Pastor Yiga Augustine has been arraigned before court and charged with providing false information to the public about the Corona Virus Pandemic which is contrary to sec( 171 PCA).

While appearing before Mwanga II court magistrate in Mengo, Pastor Yiga Augustine has pleaded not guilty for the charges of spreading malicious deceit about COVID-19 in Uganda.

Pastor Yiga In Court

He has humbly asked for a bail to go back home look after his 8 children during this period of quarantine.

Prosecution states that Pastor Yiga said that the Pandemic is a hoax and it is not any where in Uganda and Africa at large while at his Church and before reporters of several TV stations.

The clip made rounds on social media and this prompted Permananet Secretary at the Ministry Of Health Dr. Atwiine Diana to ask police to arrest him right away. He asked for bail but police declined it.


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