Patricia Ghetto Kids Passes Senior Four With A Second Grade.

One of nine members of the Dauda Kavuma-founded award-winning dance troupe Triplets Ghetto Kids Patricia Nabakooza has passed UCE with 36 aggregates which is a second grade.

Speaking in an interview with Spark TV, the dancer said that she was so happy upon scoring a second grade in her UCE examination because she was scared that she would not make it the fact that she didn't dedicate her whole to books because of the shows where she had to perform.

"Am so happy that I made it to the next level, however it was not easy because I had a number of shows to attend to but I thank God that I made it. I got to know that school is very important and the fact that Education is the key to success, I had to spare time off my career and read my books. I passed with a second grade with 36 aggregates, " she said.

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