Paul Musoke Is Not The Father Of My Child- Judith Babirye Finally Speaks Out.

In another way of  keeping up with Judith Babirye and Ex-husband, we have landed on exclusive information from a reliable source revealing the paternity of the singer’s child.

 A source who also happens to be Judith Babirye’s close relative has told us that the singer recently came out clean and told her family that Ex-husband Paul Musoke Sebulime is not the actual father of her baby.

A source tells us that Babirye, currently residing in Mukono decided to disclose the news to her family especially her father who recently traveled from his village and visited the singer in Mukono.

It has been understood that her father tasked her to explain to him the whole divorce saga and father of the baby. It is when Babirye opened up and told the big man sad news.

However, amidst the controversial news, Babirye remained tight-lipped about who the actual father of the baby is.

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