People Are Engaging In Sexual Relations In Institutional Quarantine, Diana Atwiine Worried.

Ministry of health permanent secretary Dr. Diana Atwiine is worried for Ugandans in quarantine the fact that they have started having sex during quarantine.

Speaking to Radio one talk show, Dr. Diana raised the concern because this kind of practice is risking the county's effort to put a stop to the spread of the deadly new corona virus.

She said that men and women get out of their own rooms and meet up with each other to have sex with people they just met in quarantine.

"Ugandans are not serious. Some who are in quarantine have even begun having (sexual) affairs. They move to rooms of others in the hotels where we have placed them. Others like in Mulago move from their rooms to visit their colleagues who are in other rooms, this is too dangerous and it will distract our efforts,” Atwiine said.

She added that many have not been released from quarantine yet because they refused to comply with the measures put up by medical personnel one of which includes social distancing.

"And this is the reason some people have not been released ever since we learnt about this kind of practice, " she said.

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