" People On Social Media Are Full Of Rage, " Angela Katatumba.

Socialite Angela Katatumba has fired back at social media critics for attacking her after she claimed that her Ex husband looks like NBA legend Kobe Bryant who died in a plain crush on Sunday.

Speaking in an interview with Spark television, Angella said that people on social media are unemployed, full of rage, and bitter because they are poor.

It is important to note that when dealing with social media unfortunately, majority of people on social media are illiterate, unemployed, jealousy, bitter, angry, they are just full of rage because of their situation. The fact that they are not doing well, whatever you do, they will insult you, " she said.

She also added that she has never met Kobe Bryant but her father in law used to say that her ex husband 'Alonzo' actually looked like Kobe Bryant and that is how she started following him on social media.

" I want to make it categorically clear, I have never met Kobe Bryant but my father in law used to say that my ex husband has a resemblance with Kobe and that is how I got to follow him on social media, " she added.

All this started, when Angela Katatumba made a post on her social media platforms paying tribute to the NBA legend.

In her post, she wrote; Oh noooo Kobe. I automatically liked you when I lived in Chicago, because everyone, especially my father in law, said you looked like my Ex husband Alonzo. "

Here after, she faced criticisms from social media because it seemed like she was making the whole situation about her self.

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