People Power Facebook Fans Issue Ten Commandments To Follow While Addressing Bobi Wine. 

Online fans of President hopeful, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine have come up with what they termed as 'The Facebook Constitution' where ten commandments were outlined that have to be adhered to while addressing Bobi Wine.

In a post seen by this website, Facebook Fans are seen sharing a copy of a ten listed image which contains the ten commandments that are supposed to be followed in regard to the NUP Party President.

Below are the commandments (translated from Luganda)

1. Never insult Bobi Wine. 2. Never undermine Bobi Wine.

3. Always respect Bobi Wine

4. Don't blame or accuse Bobi Wine

5. Respect Bobi Wine's family.

6. Never disobey Bobi Wine

7. Always support Bobi Wine

8. Always fear Bobi Wine

9 You shall vote Bobi Wine in 2021.

10. Don't talk negative things about Bobi Wine.

The Facebook 'law makers' cautioned anyone against doing anything forbidden in the ten commandments. One would rather keep quiet instead.

This development comes shortly after Eddy Kenzo insulted Bobi Wine in a leaked audio calling him a proud man. When fcebookers demanded he apologise to Bobi Wine, Eddy Kenzo refused maintaining he won't apologise to 'D Babylon System'

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