• Khinamura

"Plea To The Government", Inside Zari Hassan's Message To Government To Ease The Lockdown.

It seems socialite Zarina Ttale has at long last sided with the common man after she penned down an emotional message begging Ugandan government to ease the Lockdown.

Zari took to her social media and expressed dissatisfaction with thecontinued Lockdown noting that people are stranded and have nothing to eat. She also noted that with businesses idle, crime rate will escalate, something which will be unfortunate.

She also pointed out that businesses  are crucial and should be re opened. Boda Bodas must also be allowed to operate and curfew hours revised.

"Plea to the Ugandan government. It is a humble request to lift the Lockdown. Let Bodas operate. The crime rate will rise with no income. Let saloons operate aba saloon be cutex bafuna mele ya leelo. 

Re open arcades, business people emaali zabwe zitudde, land Lords babanja almost four months. Let curfew hours be revised as well.  It's a humble request. Thank you in advance." she posted.

It should also be noted that Zari recently attacked People Power for being tribalistic and suggested that her fellow Basoga should team up and form a political party too.

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