"Please Calm Down", Bobiwine Tells Jacob Omutuuze.

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobiwine has told renown radio personality Jacob Omutunze to be calm.

This was after a serious social media war between people power supporters and Jacob.following his face book video where he appeared appealing to the youths people power in particular to stop attacking the president this was accompanied by other comments which dint look right in the eyes of some few angry fans, these did not take it easy and ended up insulting his daughter which angered the radio present to respond angrily in a video this morning.

Speaking in a phone call today, Jacob decided to reconcile with Bobi and apologized to him for the disrespectful comments he made about people power supporters.

But as the saying goes that all leadership comes from God, Bobiwine having heard about these fights demonstrated his leadership qualities by making a phone call to the injured Jacob and personally asked him to cool down and ignore his enemies,

"My brother Jacob I have heard about the attacks but I request u to be the sober one , please forgive them and move on, " Bobi wine to Jacob.

This excited the presenter who appeared to have appreciated the gesture and he later apologized to Bobiwine for his angry reaction towards the public.

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