• Khinamura

Pomp, Passion, Gifts And Glamour As Bad Black Turns Sweet 31. (PHOTOS)

A lot of pomp, glamour with a touch of passion characterized yesterday, Sunday, July the Fifth as well known socialite, Bad Black (Shanitah Namuyimba) celebrated her birthday.

The socialite, who has in the recent years been known to throw mega birthday parties was unable to do the same owing to the situation the Corona Virus has plunged the country into.

She was only able to celebrate 'scientifically' but was able to receive numerous gifts such as classy liquor. clothes, cash amongst others from fans, well wishers and friends.

She was in the company of three including her boyfriend only knows as Asha.

She was also treated to a daunting photoshoot that made many of her fans marvel at her.

We bring you photos from her birthday for your eyes to feast on.

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