President Museveni Announces New Measures After Uganda Confirms 33 Covid 19 Cases.

President Museveni on Monday evening announced a ban on all movements in the country including private cars as his latest measures to combat the spread of corona virus.

While addressing the media on Monday evening, Museveni said, "We have prohibited people to people movement including people using private cars, Tuk tuk and boda bodas. "

This was after Uganda registered a total of 33 confirmed COVID 19 cases.

Museveni, therefore announced new measures of how to combat the deadly Corona Virus.

1. Prohibit people to people movement by every Ugandan including private vehicles, boda bodas, taxis, buses etc. This will take effect from 10.00pm today, 30th March 2020 up to 14th April.

2. Arcades and shopping malls are suspended for 14 days starting 1st April 2020.

3. All non food stores (duukas) should also close. Only food shops or stores and pharmaceuticals should remain open. Home deliveries should be encouraged instead of people moving.

4. Markets should remain open but with SOPs. They should restrict numbers within these places

5. Food markets in Kampala should remain open, but observe the distance of 4meteres between people, from all four angles.

6. Factory staff should arrange to stay close to their work places during the 14 days starting 1st to 14th April. If factories cannot manage to implement this, then they should suspend production for 14 days.

7. Salons, lodges etc should also close for 14 days.

8. Construction sites should continue if they can be able to revamp their staff for 14 days.

9. The key organizations that can stay open are medical companies, veterinary, telephone companies, banks, private security companies, cleaning services, fire bridge, petrol, water, funeral services, KCCA, URA, and UNRA. These employers should try and encamp some staff close to the offices or get special permission from the RDC.

10. Cargo transport, by plane, lorry, boda bodas etc can continue.

11. Except cargo transporters, trains, etc, there will be a curfew throughout Uganda. Curfew yet to be determined.

12. In the event of emergencies like needing to go to the hospital for health emergencies like child birth, district medical officers permission should be acquired.

13. Banks, water companies and other necessities are yet to be discussed to prevent penalties of no payments made to them, due to this shutdown.

14. Government workers should also stay home for 14 days, except for the exempt companies mentioned above, but SOPs should be worked out for the organizations that will be working.

15. Police should arrest politicians and people who are distributing food for cheap popularity in this period. The offense for this is attempted murder.

16. People trying to take patients of Corona to hospitals should also stop their movements effective immediately to prevent spread. Instead call the helpline..

However, Museveni admitted that the new measures are harsh but noted it was the right thing to do if Ugandans are to be kept safe.

After further analysis we have realized that to be on the safer side, we rather make mistakes on side of cautiousness than wait to be like some countries where over 1000 die per day of this disease,” he said.

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