President Museveni Eases Lock Down.

President Museveni has eased down on the COVID-19 lockdown measures but added more 14 days to the 21 lockdown which was to end today.

In his address to the nation last night, Museveni said the 45 days of lockdown have prepared Uganda better and therefore, it is important to start reopening some sectors emphasizing agriculture which is the core survival structure for the country.

Below are some of the key points in his address;

1. Agricultural & food markets will continue.

2. Factories need wholesalers to buy products so these will open but should embrace social distance & have a mask.

3. Hardware shops allowed to open

4. Cargo trucks need mechanics so repair shops and garages should open.

5. Metal & wood workshops will be opened.

6. Insurance providers will be added to list of essential services

7. Lawyers are specialists in dealing with people. Uganda Law Society will be allowed 30 lawyers at any one time to handle urgent matters.

8. Restaurants will provide only takeaways not customers eating from the restaurants.

9. Warehouses for storage of factory products will be allowed to open.

10. Schools will remain closed!

Modes of transport to work

1. Buses; either hired or owned by employer

2. Cycling which is the healthiest

3. Walking

These workers are known & can be followed up to home & monitor their families.

It is now Mandatory for everyone not in their house to wear a face mask covering the nose or mouth. At the end of each day, take off the mask, wash it with soap, and iron it. The virus will die.

With this virus, Don’t go to the health center. Stay home and ring. The health center people will contact the hub people to come test you from home. The results will find you at home.

If a positive person is discovered in the area, the area will be put in quarantine for 14days.

All measures announce earlier will stay in place for 14 days. Closure of schools, public assemblies etc.

The virus may move inspire of all these measures, if it moves slowly, it is good. We will have manageable numbers. They immunity will help become insulators.

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