President Museveni Extends Time Of Operations For Motorcycles.

President Yoweri Kagta Museveni has extended time of operations for motorcycles from from 2pm to 5pm stating that their services of food delivery and other deliveries are important.

He announced this while addressing the nation about Covid 19 on Sunday 19th April 2020.

Boda bodas had been banned from operating after 2pm.

"After advice and briefing from the transport team, we have decided that the Boda Bodas and bicycles can now operate until 5:00pm to help with deliveries to our people. We insist that these should not operate in the night because they could be used to facilitate criminality, and still they are not allowed to carry passengers but cargo."

Museveni also castigated the people whom he termed as crooks who he said had forged car stickers in order to manipulate the movement #COVID-19 guidelines.

"Those who were bribing and getting stickers for their private cars will now have their vehicles confiscated. You are 'killing' Ugandans by refusing to co-operate. We shall also take you to court."

Museveni also thanked the health workers and other scientists for the job well done in curtailing #Covid. He however, called fellow politicians to allow and speed up the process of allowing a salary increment for scientists.

"I once again thank the doctors and health workers that have been at the front of this COVID-19 fight. I reiterate my position that scientists should be paid better than non-scientists. You can see how much trouble they have saved us from this COVID-19 danger."

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