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Prima Kadarshi And Geosteady's Break Up Is A Stunt, Close Pal Reveals.

Barely a week ago, musician Geosteady,'s wife Prima Kadarshi took to social media and complained about the rising violence of her husband, who chased her away from home and reportedly attacked her house, destroying property.

"You came to my house, broke the door and spoilt every thing. What have i done to deserve this???????? Why are you so bitter?"part of Prima's complaint read.

However, Geosteady fired back and explained that he may be a victim of domestic violence, something which he can not tolerate. He therefore begged his fans to mind their own business as they do not know whatever lies behind the curtain.

"And you who will judge and abuse, do you even know what behind the scenes carry? Think about it." he fumed.

However, a close friend and confidant to Prima has revealed how Prima intimated to her how the whole story about their breakup is a hoax, and utterly nosensical. It is, she said merely a stunt Geosteady is using to promote his 'George The Great' album that will soon be launched 

It ought to be noted that Geosteady and Prima have been together for way too long to break up over shoddy and trivial iss

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