Prima Kardashi Finds Love Again Weeks After Being Dumped By Geosteady. 

Twendii spies around Kampala have reported that musician Geosteady's wife, Prima Kadarshi is currently seeing someone else, identified as ‘Useful’ Muzzinyi, Mr. Henrie.

Prima and Geosteady are currently enstranged over mysterious reasons after the musician chased his wife out of the house and even went on to attack her at her new rentals.

She however seems to have moved on and is currently paying secret nightly visits to Mr Henrie, who works at Galaxy FM and hosts the mid-morning show "Tukoone."

The two have been on several occasions been sighted around Kampala in several hotels and hang out centres.

To confirm this, Prima posted a picture of her and the radio star, something that raised eyebrows.

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