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Princess Ruth Komuntale And Boy Friend Celebrate Two Years Of illegal Sex.

Phil And Komuntale

Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale Nsemere and her new lover Phil Amooti celebrated two years of being together.

A few days ago, Komuntale posted her celebratory message on her Instagram page as she thanked her man for being there for her despite not legally married.

"On this day 2 yrs ago, 5/1 I was united to my soulmate! Phil you truly have a heart of gold. You’re such a humble, loving man! You respect and are patient with everyone. The way you love me is beyond my imagination! You are more than what I prayed for! All the Glory goes back to You God! Happy 2 yrs! Till forever!" Komuntale Shared.

It should be recalled that the couple met in May 2018, after Komuntale had overcome the heartache that was caused by her former husband Christopher Thomas, whom she bitterly separated with in 2013.

In January, Tooro Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale had hinted on a May wedding to Phil Amooti.

Not much is known about Amooti, a fellow Mutooro but it’s said that he is an information Technology Engineer.

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