• Khinamura

PRISON BREAK; Pallaso's Home Raided,  Escapes Police Arrest.

Police has this morning launched a raid on musically blessed Pallaso's Home over yet to be identified reasons.

Pallaso, whose home is located in Makindye, luwafu appeared in a video broadcast and atta he'd Police for raising his home when they should be protecting and serving their citizens just like their motto says 'Protect and Serve'

Pallaso narrates that Police suddenly attacked his home and started firing bullets. He questioned the viability of Police's acts since he, as far as he knew committed not crime justifying the cruelty.

"Police has invaded our house and started shooting bullets , what wrong have we done, our police officers, you are supposed to serve and protect our country" he said.

The singer however put up a fight that saw him escaping police handcuffs and ran away, as far as his legs could carry him.

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