PROFILE; Who Is Reuben Robert, The Man Currently 'Poaching' On Zahara Totto.

Last month, alot happened for NBS Uncut show host, Zahara Totto starting from suddenly breaking up with her Nigerian ex, Don Solomon to immediately jumping into another relationship with a one, Reuben Robert.

Zahara Totto's break up was characterized by a vicious exchange of vulgar verbatim and phraseology from Zahara to Don Solomon and vise versa. She notably nick named him an 'anus', with Don Solomon labelling her a 'slut'.

However, netizens were much more surprised when only moments after breaking up, Zahara jumped into another relationship with Reuben Robert. The two are now at the peak of their passion and are even introducing themselves to their respective families. 

Reuben, who is currently enjoying attention from the lugambo specialist went even longer lengths to take Zahara on Vacation, and a recent casual party.

However, some fans are still wondering who the seemingly 'American' guy is. Some have hinted that he hails from one of the wealthy families in the United States, some saying he is just a self made millionaire.

However, below is what Reuben Robert actually is. Reuben Robert hails from India and has spent considerable time in Uganda since 2012. He was on several occasions sighted with Uganda's beauty queens such as Ella. 

He is the chief of the University of Pain Fitness Gym for bodybuilding, weight loss and advanced martial arts.

He is an ardent beach enthusiast and while  he is free, he immediately flies to the beautiful scenery of Spenah beach.

Among his  hobbies are football, bodybuilding and related fields. He is buddies with several prominent persons in Uganda such as Moses Golola.

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